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Intersectionality – A Resource for Students and Scholars

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This site is a wiki about INTERSECTIONALITY, built by the Women's & Gender Studies Capstone class of 2016 at Eastern Washington University. It is meant to be an enduring resource for students and scholars. If you would like to contribute, please contact [editor] or [editor] for access. 


What is Intersectionality?

[Short, basic definition goes here.] 



Intesectionality is represented as a dialectic of privilege and oppression in this diagram Mary Crawford’s 2006 textbook Transformations: Women, Gender, and Psychology (New York: McGraw-Hill):



[Longer, more sophisticated definition goes here]


Geneaology of Intersectionality



Intersectionality Projects


     -90s-Now: Boom: visibility / mutual construction of category 


               -Easy to Understand Examples / information (everyone/Ariel)

               -Understanding Privilege: Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Ability, etc (Ariel)

               -Media & Popular Culture (Michaela)

               -Multiracial Identities (Alexis)

               -Race, Class, Education (Jordan)

               -Education Policy (Allie)

               -Women's Health (Sharkyla)

               -Corporate Culture (Freddy)

               -Activism (Sophie)

               -Movement Backlash - maybe (Ariel)


                    -demonization / stereotypes of feminism in media / mainstream

                    -Vivian May: Speaking Into the Void: critiques of intersectionality / back lash 

                    -Jennifer Nash: intersectionality is equated with black feminism / black symbolism / creation of reality / transnational 


-Side Bar



     -About Us / Course



     -Kimberle Crenshaw

     -Ange Marie Hancock 





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